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interior designing degree

Creative changes are implemented by people with creative minds. Are you creative? If you are, then you have the potential to make big changes in the field of designing, more particularly interior designing.

It involves making a rather empty space into a beautiful and unique one using both creativity and artistic talents. If you have completed your interior designing course and would like to know about the various career prospects, then this blog is for you.

What makes Interior designing much demanded?

When it comes to designing, there are many specializations in it and one such field is interior designing. The thing about interior designing is that the possibilities are plenty only limited by your imagination, therefore it’s a dynamic, fun and challenging environment for those who prefers experimenting with designs.

Another reason for its demanding and popularity is the paygrade of course. For a skilled interior designer with extensive knowledge on various important concepts the grade pays are quite high.

So you want to know the career paths after securing an interior designing degree? Well, read on.

As a career choice

Almost all of us loves to arrange our own rooms. It involves rearranging the existing furniture, painting the walls, implementing a minimalistic approach

Interior designing as a career is a good choice for those who loves creativity and implementing unique design methodologies for interiors of various architectural structures.

interior designing creativity

Although creativity and artistic talents are needed for interior designing, you must also be good at other factors like some other factors such as spending within budget limits and must have a good knowledge of interior design materials in the market.

Interior designers with these skills are highly valued in the designing industry. The main point of an interior designer to become successful is to have keen observation skills and an eye for detail.

The career paths

Availability of job opportunities after completing the interior designing course successfully from a reputed college are immense and diverse. Interior designers can work in many types of projects  such as residential projects, exhibition projects, workplace projects, typically any project that involves interiors. Some of the career paths for those who have chosen interior designer career is as follows

Work at a design firm:

If you have just passed out the course fresh, then joining a designing firm is the best option for you as it helps you in gaining experience and practical knowledge about interior designing more effectively.

You will have to face challenges, after all, it’s designing job, not some routine paperwork. You will meet different people and will be working as a team, therefore you can learn many things and concepts.

Exhibition Designers:

What makes exhibitions interesting?

Its how the layout is presented and the arrangement of various products. To make beautiful and eye catching layouts is your responsibility as an Interior designer and it won’t be an easy task.

You must have extensive knowledge about the building designs, floor layouts, and must know how to make the stalls or the sets more attractive and appealing.

Having knowledge in software tools like AutoCAD, Adobe suite etc can help you to visualise your ideas in real time.

Graphic designers:

What’s interior designing without some graphics?

Graphic designing is all about implementing concepts to make a design visually appealing and unique. Implementing attractive graphics such as images, objects etc will make interiors more appealing and interesting.

The ideas put forth to a client have to look attractive and convincing. With the help of graphic software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Indesign, 3DsMax, etc, it gives you an idea about the various techniques involved in designing quality graphic designs.

With updated skills, you work with clients who want to make their available spaces visually stunning and attractive. Graphic designing is pretty interesting and highly profitable as a career choice.

Furniture Designers:

You can start your career as a furniture designer, as it is part of interior design. Your responsibilities as a furniture designer will be creating appropriate furniture designs that suit a particular space based on client interest and your artistic skills and implementing it accordingly in the allocated space.

Working as a furniture designer is interesting and lively as you will need to examine the location, consider the client interests, include your ideas, and implement it. Although it is a tedious task, it’s definitely worth and satisfying if you are passionate about interior designing.

Learn from a reputed institution

As mentioned above, Interior designing is a competitive field, with the wide demand for highly skilled interior designers needed and decent pay offered, the competition is pretty high.

So in order to stay ahead in this field, it is recommended to study interior design degree, and get certified from a well reputed college.

Choosing the right college is not that easy, it requires effective researching, overall cost, the reputation of the institution and several other factors.

study interior design

The scope for interior designing is increasing in Kerala such that there are many colleges that provide three-year degree programmes in Interior designing. There are many institutions that provide interior designing courses in Malappuram. However among them, Itees Malabar college is the most reputed and the best institute for interior designing courses.

How iTEES transforms you

We started Itees Malabar college with the aim to provide quality education and practical training in the interior designing course. Our interior design classes are dynamic and interactive unlike traditional types of classes.

In our classes we encourage our students to research and learn concepts through real life examples such that they understand the topic much better. We are one of the best institutes providing B.Voc programmes for interior designing.

We follow the latest B.Voc syllabus that ensures our students are well trained in the latest concepts in Interior designing. This helps them in getting better job opportunities when they complete the course.

So if your passion is Interior designing, join at Itees Malabar college and get certified to get placed in well known firms.

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