Benefits Of Doing An Interior Design Course

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Before becoming an interior designer, you do need to understand that formal education will always help you reach higher areas in the field. Also upon having an interior design certification, you’re very much likely to be considered as a qualified individual to take up big projects.

What is Interior Designing ?

Interior Designing could be described as the process in which the interior architecture of a building is designed. An interior design process involves the right consideration of a particular design that is to be made within an interior space. 

What are the duties of an interior designer?

Some of the tasks undertaken by a designer are as follows :-

  • > Searching for new clients to start the work on projects
  • > Determining the client’s goals and requirements for the project 
  • > Deciding how much space will be used
  • > Sketching preliminary design plans, including the electrician and partition layouts
  • > Creating a timeline for the interior design project and estimate project costs.
  • > Placing orders for the materials and overseeing the installation of the design elements
  • > Overseeing construction plan & working alongside building contractors  to implement plans
  • > Visiting the site after project completion to ensure client satisfaction.
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Check out some of the benefits of doing an interior design course

Overall Knowledge

A student who has attended an interior design course or students who have studied in interior design colleges are likely to be more updated with the latest happenings in the interior designing industry, These students have learnt a wide range of skills and information which they will need to carry out in their field. 

A stronger foundation

By doing an interior designing course, an individual has already built a certain foundation. for themselves. Some of their knowledge they have earned from interior design classes includes a deeper understanding in a wide range of skills like production design, interior architecture and the design of retail or commercial spaces. Some of these skills are what employers look for when hiring employees.

Internship experience

Students who have completed their interior designing courses in Kerala would have had definitely gone through an internship experience. An internship gives students the added benefit of gaining practical experience in a real-life setting. Not only do they learn about the field through academic classes, but they also know what it’s like to be out there in the field.

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In an internship, the students learn how the interior designing field works also giving them the right kind of experience. Regardless of whether a student can work or not in the field during an internship, the student could atleast get the opportunity to see how the field works up close. Finally, students can put up this feature in the resume, something which recruiters look for when hiring candidates.

A Portfolio

As a part of the interior design course curriculum, students would definitely be expected to complete and submit some form of assignment tor projects. This would be later be evaluated and graded in order for the student to successfully complete his/her course. This becomes another benefit as the student now has a portfolio of his own. 

The portfolio would include interior designing assignments, tasks they did during the internship. This gives the employer an idea of what the individual is capable of and a lost of things that the individual has learned in college. This could also convince the employer that the individual is well equipped with academic and practical knowledge and that the individual doesn’t have to be taught everything from the beginning.

Gaining professional contacts

By studying an interior design course, students can get the opportunity to meet new people who may be able to help them in the future. Many interior design colleges in Kerala have societies for students and also offer students the chance to join professional fields only for a fraction of the process usually charged.

 The students will get the chance to meet people who run their own business firms and may even get the chance to get recruited by these individuals to work in their organization. In simpler words, students will get several placement offers.

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Getting updated with the latest software

Another benefit of studying an interior design course is that students will get the chance to learn about some of the latest technologies being used in the field like AutoCAD. As the interior designing field is a constantly changing business, the students should also be aware of the latest trends in the industry. In fact, employers would give high priority to students who not only have an interior design degree but are also equipped with existing knowledge about the latest trends and software knowing that they wouldn’t need any additional training after getting the job.

Most of these benefits can only be acquired if students take the time to study and successfully complete an interior designing course. If you’re interested to join the field of interior designing, take up an interior designing course to become the same. For the interested ones planning to take up an interior designer career, Itees Malabar College offers interior design course, where students will learn about all the basics about Interior Designing like design elements, interior design history, colour theory & sketching. 

The course will also offer students with lectures, seminars and weekly projects that can be carried out individually or throughout the coordinated efforts of a group of students. 

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