Differences between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator

How many of you used to think that interior decorator and interior designer were the same things. So many of you right?

Okay so here’s the thing, they’re actually two different things. How come you ask? While their terms may look similar, both the professions actually differ from each other. Also, what would an individual need to study interior design ? We’ll give you a proper explanation for that through his blog. Read on to find why and how an interior designer differs from an interior decorator.

What is an interior decorator?

Interior decorators study more or less the same things as interior designers. However, their job doesn’t deal with the more serious aspects of a building’s design which includes installing services or planning for the design of safety services and other utilities.

interior design colleges In simple words, an interior designer’s prime job would be to decorate things or features inside an already existing building. For those of curious to know how to become an interior decorator, check out some of the following information below.

What do you study to become an interior decorator?

Interior decorator need to study the following things :

  • Principles of design
  • Lighting & accessories
  • Furniture & architectural styles
  • Space planning
  • Colour Theory
  • Materials and finishes for walls and floors

    What are the tasks of an interior decorator?

interior design colleges

  • An interior decorator has to have good knowledge in colour theory, furniture selection, soft furnishing selection etc.
  • An interior decorator could also assist you in buying the right things you would need for your home decor items like accessories, flowers, colour paints, wallpapers, curtains.
  • An interior decorator can recommend different furniture styles and present their decorating ideas with professionally sketched floor plans or 3D renderings created with design software.
  • They can also oversee the installation of professional window treatments and decorative coverings for floors and walls.

What is an interior designer?

Interior designers are made to work on specific aspects of a building which is usually done for making an improvement in the building interior rather than beginning the design process from scratch.

An interior designer role would be to create functional, efficient, comfortable, beautiful and most importantly safe interior spaces as per the individual’s or organization’s requirements.

What do you study to become an interior designer

interior design colleges

Interior design classes include the following things –

  • Design theory & History
  • Building systems & technologies
  • Sustainable design/building practices
  • Utility & Accessibility designs
  • Lighting Design
  • Materials, finishes & colour
  • Space planning

Interior designers also need to possess skills like having good knowledge about construction spaces & documentation requirements. This makes them suitable candidates to work with other designers to ensure that the interior spaces they design are properly implemented and are done accurately.

Requirements for an interior design course eligibility

  • The candidate should have passed 12th in any stream (Like science, commerce or arts)
  • Some interior design colleges require that the students take an All India Entrance Examination for Design(AIEED) and usually select the ones with the highest academic scores.

    What are the tasks of an interior designer?

  • The interior designer has to study the program of the space, the client’s requirements, the building plans as well as its structure.
  • They need to check on all the interior features like plumbing, furniture, colour schemes, lighting design, flooring design, wall treatment, internal staircases, false ceiling, fenestration treatments on doors & windows etc
  • A designer has to properly plan and design all these features to sync with one another and integrate them into one space.
  • Designers create timelines for projects and other estimate costs for materials and labour.
  • Interior designers work closely with labourers, construction contractors, architects, painters, plumbers and electricians.

Interior designers work on both new construction and renovation projects of residential and commercial properties to ensure that living and working spaces are safe, functional and attractive.

Moreover, the designer has to be able to envision the final result and thereby begin working to elevate the space in a functional manner.

Things customers look for when hiring an interior designer or decorator

    • Clients look for experienced professionals and also some of their previously completed work, to get an idea of what the person is really capable of.
    • When hiring an interior designer or interior decorator, customers check for their credentials, insurance and also their qualifications. They need to know whom they’re dealing when they assign them with such a responsibility both in the case of an interior decorator and particularly in the case of an interior designer.
    • Clients want to ensure that you share their vision. When both of you have good communication you can both definitely send the message across while also communicating about what one can offer and the other can give.

If you do have any plans in pursuing a field in interior designing, you need to take up an interior designing course to become the same. For the interested one’s planning to take up an interior designer career, Itees Malabar College offers interior design course, where students will learn about all the basics about Interior Designing like design elements, interior design history, colour theory & sketching.

The course will also offer students with lectures, seminars and weekly projects that can be carried out individually or throughout the coordinated efforts of a group of students.

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