Choosing an Interior designer career: The must know things

interior design degree

Hello guys.

Are you looking for the best career available or looking for something like a creative career?

If it’s a yes for both, then you are the right place. Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate ideas, alternatives that are entirely distinguished from the currently existing one’s. This in turn, becomes useful and effective for solving various problems.

Interior designing career is one one of the growing and highly demanded career fields in the present scenario, therefore if you have an interior design degree and creative skills, you are in luck.

After all, it’s a job that involves using creative and artistic talents to implement something unique and attractive.

Eligibility criteria

If your passion is interior designing career, then getting the necessary educational qualifications are needed for landing a job in the interior designing field. Since most of you have just completed plus two, the next step is to get admission at a college that provides interior design course.

Admission to an interior designing course requires passing plus two with sufficient percentage of marks. The candidate are eligible from any stream of study. Some colleges typically conducts admissions on the merit basis or directly does the admission procedures.

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Things you must know

Before taking up an interior course, there are certain things that you must know about. Knowing these points gives you an idea about interior designing and the various procedures involved in it.

1.Creativity is a part of it:

When it comes to interior designing as a career, although creativity is needed, it is only a part of interior designing. there are other factors that must also be known. These include efficient communication skills, business and management skills. You’ll have to deal with different types of people in order to convince them to hire you for their works.

You must also possess excellent drawing skills, wide array of material knowledge about various interior design tools, software, types of designs for different environments and more. More importantly, you must need to know how to sell your designs, skills and ideas to the customer.

2.Have to deal with challenges:
Interior designing is not all sunshine and rainbows. If you thought there were no challenges, then you are wrong.

In order to get recognized in this field and get a successful string of business client projects, you need to deal with challenges such as working under pressure, complete projects before deadline.

You must build yourselves from scratch and develop an amazing portfolio because this is what the clients look and analyse you. Implementing a good portfolio takes years of hard work, practical experience, a network of contacts and of course creativity.

Although, it takes time to become a successful interior designer, once you achieve that level, then there’s no turning back.

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3.Its rewarding and satisfying:

Even though you have the creative skills, don’t get expected to be paid in high as a starter. In your early days, you might have to work for lesser pay or sometimes nothing. The point is to observe, learn and update yourselves with knowledge.

When the time comes, prove yourselves and the tables will turn in your favour and you will start to grow within a short period of time.The average pay for an interior designer depends on their experience, skills, type of specializations known, etc.

However, once you become a successful interior designer, the pay grades will be great and you will be satisfied by your works.

4.Getting certified has its benefits:

In Interior designing, it is your skills and creativity that matters when you do a type of work, however, if you are qualified and have a formal degree from a well known institute of Interior designing, this benefits you by increasing your value among competitors.

The higher your value, the chances for getting recognized and getting more business projects are increased. There are many popular colleges and institutes in India offering undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes for interior design courses.

Study at a well known institute

As mentioned earlier, to begin your career in interior designing it requires getting an interior design certification or a bachelor’s degree in Interior designing from a reputed institute. There are many institutions in Kerala that provide training and classes for interior designing course.

More specifically, there are various institutes and colleges that provide certifications for interior designing courses in Malappuram and one such well known college for interior designing is Itees Malabar college.

Why Itees?

Itees Malabar college is one of the best institutes for interior designing provides quality education for our students. We know the importance of interior designing in the current scenario, therefore our B.voc syllabus are prepared with the latest concepts.


We provide three year bachelor’s program in vocational education (B.Voc) program for interior designing. Apart from interior designing , we also provide dialysis course,optometry courses, dialysis course, operation theatre technology courses and more.

So, if interior designing is the career that suits you, study at a well known college, which is Itees Malabar college that offers only the best training and education in Interior designing.

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