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optometry course

The human eye is one of the most wonderful and important organs in the human body. It allows us to see the beautiful world, people, things and whatever we want to see. However it is one of the organs that need to be taken extreme care as it is very delicate and susceptible to damage.

Like any other organ, there are many disorders that can affect the eyes. The diseases can range from the common one’s such as myopia, hyperopia to the serious one’s such as glaucoma, cataracts, etc.

The branch of medicine that deals with treating the various eye disorders is optometry and the one who is practicing a career in this field is called an optometrist.

Is Optometry your career choice?

Well, if it is, then this blog is for you to read.

As mentioned earlier optometry is the study of various eye disorders and implementing effective medication and treatment through the use of lenses, corrective surgeries etc. Also with the common occurrence of eye problems, the demand for optometrists are in huge demand in hospitals and clinics.

The Difference

In the field of eye care, there are three different types of designations which are classified as optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians. Although these categories perform similar procedures, the key difference is their responsibilities itself.


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The main duty of optometrists are to diagnose and provide treatment by prescribing corrective lenses and other treatment measures. Although they are generally considered as medical doctors, they are not given licence to perform surgeries as it requires different levels of training etc. 

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who like optometrists diagnose and provide medications to patient’s but what makes them differ from optometrist is the level of training they have received in eye care. 

These people are the ones that have the licence to perform eye surgeries. Although it requires additional qualifications and considerable experience to become a reputed surgeon.

Scope of Optometry

The scope for optometry is projected to increase in the future, as there are millions of people that suffer from various eye sight problems, some may be mild, others will be critical. Whatever the problem is, it requires medication that only optometrists are able to do efficiently.


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Another advantage of optometry as a career is the it offers unlimited job opportunities both domestic and abroad. The level of success in this field depends on your skillset, years of experience. When compared with other careers, optometry career is dynamic and challenging.

As mentioned, diagnosing eye problems will be the primary responsibility of an optometrist therefore, it has to be done carefully and the results must be precise. Any small errors can result in further problems for the eyes.

Another highlight of this career field is the satisfaction you get once you cure a patient having eye problems. It is something unique to experience and sometimes it can include negative experiences but still it makes you more prepared and effective in dealing with different types of people.

In an overpopulated country like India, optometry is the right career option for those who are interested and willing to eliminate the various sufferings caused by eye related issues.

Career opportunities

The job opportunities for optometry career are huge after completing the course from a well known institute. You can work with eye doctors, optician showrooms, hospital eye departments etc. After gaining sufficient experience and if you are confident in your work, then you can setup your own clinic.


You can take up your career in teaching concepts related to eye, lenses etc or if you are interested in learning more, then you can opt for higher education degrees through which you can even go for research further in the field of optometry.

Where to study

In order to begin your career in optometry, it is highly recommended to get your degree from a reputed college or institution. There are many colleges and institutions that offer degree and diploma certifications in optometry course in kerala.

There are colleges that offer optometry courses in malappuram and one such well known and reputed institution is Itees malabar. Itees offers three year regular course and two year diploma courses for optometry.

Why Itees

Itees malabar college was started with the primary aim to provide the best quality education in various medical subjects to students who have chosen optometry as their career path.

At Itees, although we provide the classes on the important core concepts, we encourage our students to research and learn so as to make them capable and effective.

Apart from providing optometry courses, we are the best institute for interior designing that provides three year bachelor course for interior designing. Our other courses include diploma in dialysis technology, medical laboratory technology, operation theatre technology and hospital management.

So, if your dream is to begin a career in optometry, obtaining a degree from itees malabar college will lead you to your intended future.

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