Things you should know before opting for an MLT course

medical laboratory technician

A career in the medical field is generally different from other types of career fields. The things that make the medical field a good career option is the wide availability of opportunities and decent pay grades.

Are you planning to take up a career in Medical laboratory technology?

If yes, then you are at the right place. You need to understand that taking up a course in medical laboratory technology is no joke and must be done with careful consideration and interest.

You have to deal with different types of patients who consider you as their savior, therefore, once you take up a career in the medical field, you are responsible for the safety of the lives of the patient’s you encounter.

Here we describe some things you must know if your passion is a career in MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY.

The Importance

Before describing the factors, you must know the importance of medical laboratory technicians because this is whom you will become in the future once you get certified in an mlt course.

As a certified medical laboratory technician, your main duties and responsibilities will be the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases by means of clinical laboratory tests. Medical lab technicians are required to perform laboratory tests.

lab technician

By laboratory tests, you think it’s just analyzing some routine blood samples. But, it’s more than that. You will have to chemically analyze various body fluids such as blood, urine and other types of fluids by using advanced lab equipment.

You will have to use various medical tools for analyzing the samples. The thing about these tools is that they help detect abnormalities or diseases, which must be then recorded and reported in computer systems.

The Things

If you are still interested in beginning a career in medical laboratory technology, then you must know the following facts. Without much ado, let’s get on with the points.

Background in science

Since this is a medical field, choosing a career in MLT course requires strong knowledge in various subjects such as chemistry, biology, and physiology. More specifically, you must have good knowledge of tissues and cells, because this is what you will have to analyze, diagnose in the future.

If these kinds of information are what kicks you, then, then a career in medical laboratory technology is the best for you. The thing is to have an open mind and a curious desire to learn more about this field.

Perfection and accuracy are your best friend

There are many career fields in which errors cannot be tolerated. The medical field is one such field that demands perfection and accuracy.

In the MLT field, your job will be to analyze the samples to correctly diagnose the problem. When analyzing using the tools, the minute details must be considered because missing the smallest detail could result in the wrong diagnosis hence wrong treatment for the patient.

Thus, if you are that person who considers perfection and accuracy, then a course in MLT is the best career choice for you.

medical lab technologist

Security and stability

The biggest advantage of medical lab technologist career is the security and stability offered. Jobs in the medical sector are increasing each year with an increasing number of job opportunities all over the world. There’s no doubt in that.

With the rise of newer diseases, the process of finding a viable cure is very important. Only medical lab technicians are able to diagnose, analyze and identify the type of pathogen in various types of body fluids, therefore medical laboratory technicians are extremely important.

Even though the job offers decent grade pay, it involves working under pressure but once you become a successful and experienced mlt technician, your career is secure and stable.

After all, we all want a secure and stable career, isn’t that right?

Prepare to repeat

One of the most important skills you need is endurance because, in a medical laboratory, most of the works will be redundant tasks, therefore, you must be able to keep your body and mind focused in the midst of recurring tasks.

This is one part of the work you must do, therefore if you are not able to do redundant tasks with precision and interest, then it is better to not opt for MLT course.

Finding the right place

Okay, so you want to begin your career in medical laboratory technology, no matter what. That’s good, there is one more little thing you need to know about, which is getting certified in medical laboratory technology course from a reputed college.


This is very important because with certification from a reputed college will increase your recognitions and chances for getting placed faster. Not only that, studying at a reputed college will provide extensive knowledge and training since the classes will be taken by professional faculty.

There are many colleges in Malappuram that provides degree and diploma courses for MLT. Among them, Itees Malabar college is the best institute that provides the best training for medical laboratory technology. We provide two-year diploma courses in medical laboratory technology.

Apart from providing diploma in mlt courses, our other courses include diploma in dialysis technology, operation theatre technology and hospital management.

If a career in medical laboratory technology is your aim, then get your certification from the best institute in Malappuram which is Itees Malabar college.

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