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Paramedical courses are the most trending professional courses of 2019

Paramedical courses

After passing 12th board exams, every student experiences a sense of achieving a milestone but the reality is, that’s exactly when your journey begins. The paradigm shift in our education system since past few decades, giving importance to professional courses over basic academic education, allowing us to gain hands on expertise in various fields of […]

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Is optometry course the right career for you

optometry course

The human eye is one of the most wonderful and important organs in the human body. It allows us to see the beautiful world, people, things and whatever we want to see. However it is one of the organs that need to be taken extreme care as it is very delicate and susceptible to damage. […]

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Things to know about an Optometry course

optometry courses

Before you go for an optometry course, you need to really understand what optometry is all about. Other than the basic requirement you would need to be eligible for the course, we’ll give you a good idea as to what other benefits the course has to offer. Take a look What is the optometry course […]

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Struggling to find your niche after 12th? Discover Optometrist career choices

college of optometry

Once you complete your 12th board exams the most common question that comes up is, what’s next? Of course, many students might have already figured it out. There are many more who are still confused. Others have no clue about the possible career options. No matter what category you fall under, your whole life is […]

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