Things to know about becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical lab technician

You may have heard the term,” Medical lab technician”. But do you know what a lab technician does? How does a person in this field actually fit in the medical chain?

Well, a Medical lab technician certainly has a big role in the medical field. You can say that these individuals may be one of the very first people to diagnose a disease before the other medical experts take the necessary steps to begin the treatment. Read more to find out the job role and how you could even get in the field if you’re interested.

What is a lab technician ?

A lab technician works at the clinical laboratory areas of the hospital. They play a major role in the diagnosis or detection of  disease. The job would require them to analyze bodily fluids, match blood types for conducting blood transfusions in patients. They also test the drug levels in the patient to see whether the patient is responding to a treatment or not. A lab technician may also have to prepare specimens for examination purposes.

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What are the key skills required to become a lab technician ?

Some of the key skills an individual should possess include  –

  • > The ability to grasp and learn the operations of new technologies.
  • > They should know how to work efficiently with their hands.
  • > They should be physically able to stand for long periods of time
  • > They should be highly detail oriented.

What kind of a work environment would a lab technician have to go through?

Due to the serious nature of the job, a lab technician is likely to come into contact with hazardous or infectious materials. Some of these may also produce fumes. However, all the safety equipment will be provided to them. 

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What are the duties of a laboratory technician ?

  • > Collecting samples of body fluids and tissues and performing clinical tests by analyzing these samples. 
  • > Technicians would have to conduct manual tests as well as tests involving automated laboratory equipment.
  • > Technicians would also be responsible for maintaining and sterilizing equipment, recording test findings and discuss test results with physicians.
  • > Operating computers and different kinds of microscopes used in the documentation of reports.
  • > Assisting physicians by finding out the root cause of the ailment by detecting and treating disease through samples.
  • > Detecting the presence or absence of certain microorganisms in the patient’s body.
  • > Setting up testing equipment, keeping the lab clean, maintaining tools and conditions. 

What are the career prospects of the Medical Lab technology field ?

Medical lab technologist plays a major role in the profession. Professionals mostly get involved in both practical and technical work to aid correct diagnosis and effective functioning of biochemical laboratories. 

The career prospects of the field mostly rely on the academic and technical skills of the technician. Upon joining a laboratory you can eventually gain experience by becoming a certified medical laboratory technician 

The job also offers a lot of scope on the private sectors as there are many private hospitals, nursing home, blood banks, pathology laboratories etc where the demand for lab technicians is on the rise. 


What is the salary of a Laboratory Technician ?

A medical lab technician can get a reasonable salary in government and private hospitals. Clinics and diagnostic laboratories etc. 

A medical laboratory technician salary, in the beginning, ranges from 8000-16000 per month in hospitals and clinics

If you’re planning to do a lab technician course after 12th and get in the field as soon as possible, Itees Malabar college offers Diploma in Lab technician course. Book your seats today and fix your position in a highly rewarding career. Upon becoming a lab technician, you will be eligible to get recruited in multispeciality hospitals, research laboratories and clinics under the supervision of doctors and nurses.

What is the Medical Laboratory course all about ?

A medical laboratory or medical lab technician course is an allied health speciality program or a paramedical course that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the utilization of clinical laboratory tests. 

The course aims at providing knowledge and training to the candidates so that they can handle the work in different lab settings.

What are the eligibility requirements for the DMLT course?

A medical lab technician course qualification requires individuals to have achieved the following 

  • > The candidate should have passed their 10+2 or an equivalent examination from a recognized educational board.
  • > Candidates should have secured a minimum aggregate score of 35-40 % marks at the 10+2 level.
  • > Subjects chosen by the students should have included Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their main subjects at the 10+2 level.

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